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Mastering the 430
A complete multimedia course and reference for all pilots. Guaranteed to be the easiest and most efficient way to mastery.



This website pertains
to Garmin GPS units:
Garmin 400 - GPS 400
Garmin 420 - GNC 420
Garmin 430 - GNS 430
and GNS 430W
Garmin 530 - GNS 530
and GNS 530W


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This is Where You Learn to Operate
Aviation's Most Popular GPS - The Garmin 430

Using audio coaching and multimedia presentations,
we can make you a proficient user of Garmin's GPS aviation technology. Quickly and efficiently.

Garmin Training. Right here. Right now.

If you're like me, time is your most valuable commodity. You need to learn new skills with expediency. The old way of learning involved either wading through books or watching videos that more than likely put you to sleep.

A good book on the subject can teach you how to use a new GPS. But the process can be pretty tedious. Videos do a good job of demonstrating how the technology works, but they don't really teach. They show you a movie! There's no review, no reinforcement.

I guarantee that this interactive presentation will make you a confident Garmin 430 (400 or 420, too) user with minimal effort. And there is no risk whatsoever. If you are less than 100% satisfied with Mastering the Garmin 430 you will receive a 100% refund AND continue to use the course for FREE as my guest.

You have come to the right place for aviation GPS training. Get started right now!

                                                                         - Russ Still, Master CFI





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Garmin 430 GPS

“Your course is excellent and is extremely helpful.”
- Geoffrey Hull, Toronto, ONT

"Your GPS course is a great product... especially for us
renter pilots."

- Peter Miller, Norwood, MA

"Your website lessons have
saved me several hours
in the airplane. Thanks."

- Jack Lamb

"I learned more in 15 minutes
on your site than I learned in the
first six months with my 430!"

- Mike Hogan, Santa Rosa, CA

"Your course has been a tremendous aid in learning the
430. Simple to understand and
the price is a bargain."

- Mike Kremski, Goodrich, MI

"Your 430 course is awesome."
Steve Neil, San Francisco, CA

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